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  • Ubuntu logo font [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
    [Archive] Ubuntu logo font Art & Design. . What is name of the font used for Ubuntu logo? I've tried to find it, but no luck. I tried bunch of oblique .

    Why grow daylilies?
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    Ubuntu Font Family
    Ubuntu logo . It is a unique, custom designed font that has a very distinctive look and feel. Font: Ubuntu . Want to use the Ubuntu Font Family on the web?

    Great Value-

    Fonts - Ubuntu Wiki
    Feb 9, 2012 . For the 2010 brand/logo typeface, see Ubuntu Font Family. . This section describes two ways for how to install new fonts in Ubuntu. The first .

    UbuntuTitle - Ubuntu Wiki
    Aug 15, 2010 . UbuntuTitle. This page describes the logo font used by Ubuntu from 2004?2010. For 2010 onwards, see the Ubuntu Font Family.

    Brand - Ubuntu Wiki
    May 12, 2011 . Logos; Community Logos; New GtkThemes; Boot Splash; More. The new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme "Light". . We will be providing the new font, images, colour specs, and a set of recommendations for creating .

    If I move my daylilies will they bloom?

    New release of the Ubuntu titling font | Betatype
    Here is a release candidate for the Ubuntu titling font. I've included the "source" FontLab (not open source, sorry) file along with the build script I use to author the .


    When do I plant?

    Ubuntu Title Font | dafont.com
    190703 downloads (74 yesterday) Public domain / GNU GPL - 2 font files. Download. ubuntu-title-fr-1.1.ttf. First seen on DaFont: 09-19-2006 - Updated: 06- 19- .

    What do I do if I can't get my bare root plants in the ground right away?

    What is the difference between the ubuntu and ubuntu beta font? Is it ...
    Oct 12, 2010 . "Ubuntu Title" is likely the font from the ttf-ubuntu-title package and is an older font in the style of the older deprecated Ubuntu logo.

    license - Can I use the ubuntu font in a commercial logo design ...
    Nov 14, 2010 . I've been looking into using the Ubuntu typeface for a logo. The logo is for a web site unrelated to ubuntu and open source software.

    First look: new Ubuntu font boosts Linux typography
    Jul 7, 2010 . It matches the new Ubuntu logo font, but it's designed for optimal screen readability. It looks very smooth on my LCD monitors and is very easy .

    How much sun does a daylily need?

    Ubuntu-Title - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ubuntu-Title is a hand-drawn, lower case OpenType font created by Andy . UbuntuTitle - Ubuntu Wiki; ^ Anyone know what font the Ubuntu Logo uses?

    Use ubuntu font in company's logo - Stack Overflow
    I need help to understand Ubuntu's new font licence. I'd like to use it in . I read the license the same way you do; especially because of the .

    What kind of soil is best for daylilies?

    Introducing New Branding and Logos for eCryptfs - Dustin Kirkland
    Jan 11, 2012 . From Ubuntu's elegant color schemes and meticulously kerned fonts, to the careful placement and balance of Ubuntu's logos and Canonical's .

    How deep do they need to be?

    HowTo Try Out the New Ubuntu Font in Your System?
    Not only that, even in the Uubuntu Website, they are using a logo like that with the same font. But unfortunately, that font is only limited to the Ubuntu logo and we .

    Do daylilies need to be watered?

    Bug #833044 “Ubuntu Business cards do not use Ubuntu font ...
    Aug 24, 2011 . Martin: We have a number of brand assets: The Logo, our Colour palette, The Ubuntu font, Dots, Pictograms, all of which when used correctly .

    Dividing Daylilies

    Ubuntu subreddit logo using ubuntu font! : Ubuntu
    Jan 3, 2012 . Members are distinguished by a small Ubuntu logo next to their names, Canonical employees by a purple "O", a portion of Canonical's logo.

    The easiest way we've found is to dig up the clump, shake off a the soil, lay the clump on its side and gently pry off pieces using a weeding fork as illustrated spy sweeper download free trial.

    Ubuntu rebrands for a Fresh New Look, now with the new "Light ...
    Mar 4, 2010 . After 6 years, its time for the new face of Ubuntu. I really liked this thing said by Technoviking about the old Logo, "the old ubuntu title font was .

    Planning a season of blooms

    How to Fix the Big and Ugly Plymouth Logo in Ubuntu 10.04 ...
    May 1, 2010 . And we are talking about the Ubuntu logo shown during boot. . I get a smaller font in the grub menu, but after selecting a kernel version to .


    Ubuntu Honduras Logo « Thorwil's
    Apr 10, 2010 . The font is still work in progress and it will take a while until we see a release, for all I know. Like I said, currently not even the Ubuntu logo-type .

    Flower shapes

    Ubuntu Brand Guidelines « Canonical Design
    A truly collaborative effort with freedom at its heart, Ubuntu is the result of a growing . Ubuntu brandmark and circle of friends.pdf . Download the Ubuntu logo assets . Finding the Ubuntu font design · An Update to the Ubuntu Light Themes .

    Container plantings

    SVG Web fonts
    svg font examples . There is a free font converter available to convert between truetype and SVG fonts. . This SVG font emulates the Ubuntu logo font.

    Installing conky with weather forecast in Ubuntu 10.10 | Walter ...
    Nov 29, 2010 . Before going on you need to download a couple of fonts, at least for my setup, one for the Ubuntu logo and title, and the other one for the .

    Marginal sites

    I' Been to Ubuntu: Why the New Xubuntu Logo is So Good
    Mar 4, 2010 . This is a nice little logo which is similar and different enough to be very . The font is something that Ubuntu is working on, so I had to guess at .

    About Mulching:

    oneiric ocelot | Iloveubuntu: Ubuntu blog
    Oct 10, 2011 . Couple of days ago, Unity 3D introduced Ubuntu logo on the Unity panel . The Ubuntu Font family has gained a good-looking shape and .

    • [How To] Make a blue Ubuntu wallpaper in Gimp - Bhaskar Kandiyal
      Jun 2, 2009 . First of all, you need to install the Ubuntu logo font… So, open up a terminal and type this in it: sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title This will install .

    • Pinyin Joe - Ubuntu 11 Chinese Setup - iBus, SCIM, Fonts ...
      Chinese Setup, Input Methods, Fonts & Preferences. Ubuntu 11 logo Ubuntu Chinese input: zhongwen shezhi. Setting up Chinese input methods in Ubuntu 11 .

    • Ubuntu startup stuck at flashing caret [Archive] - CodingForums.com
      I select ubuntu in grub; It shows a flashing caret(larger font - approx 14 font); It shows ubuntu logo(loading); It shows a flashing caret(small font .

    • Ubuntu Font Family PPA [LWN.net]
      Sep 7, 2010 . wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu+Font+Family#Howto . the ® symbol or the words " Fedora and the Infinity design logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc." .

    • Ubuntu Girl by *ElJosueLight on deviantART
      Jan 21, 2011 . That's the Ubuntu logo (the font is different, cause I was lazy to install the right one) xD. So yeah Briannah is sitting on the Ubuntu logo.

    • Install Microsoft Core,Windows Truetype,Ubuntu Title,Macintosh ...
      Nov 22, 2006 . The package ttf-ubuntu-title consists of the font used by Ubuntu's logo it was made available by Canonical under the LGPL to make rebranding .

    Benefits of Hand Weeding

    Ubuntu 12.04 [Available April 26] - WinMatrix
    The countdown numbers, gradients, and dots I vector drew from scratch using InkScape, so no font. All original work ;) The Ubuntu Logo text .

    Bye Bye Brown | popey.com blog
    Mar 3, 2010 . The new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme Light. We've . It's alll change for the font, logo, colours, brand and textures. Whilst the fact that .


    How to Make the Font Large on Ubuntu | eHow.com
    Ubuntu makes it easy to increase the font size system wide in order to . apply at the system level in dialog boxes, menus, icon labels, Terminal and documents.


    20 Thing Should Know About Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Font Family is an OpenType TTF based font, Designed by Dalton Maag, . The Ubuntu brand logo brand has changed from the original, the new ubuntu .

    Cut flowers

    Ubuntu font on show at the Design Museum, London | Linux User
    Feb 7, 2012 . The Ubuntu font goes on display at London's Design Museum, along with . Leading typeface and logo design agency Dalton Maag, who have .

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    Ubuntu Wiki
    The Ubuntu logo and typography has remained the same since that first release. The hand-drawn, lowercase OpenType font used is called Ubuntu-Title and .

    Join the American Hemerocallis Society, write to

    Refreshing The Ubuntu Brand | jonobacon@home
    Mar 3, 2010 . Couldn't you do something like ring-buoy, separated in 3 sections like ubuntu logo? I don't like fonts either, especially “a” in “spread”. dendron .

    How to Install GNOME Themes in Ubuntu 11.10 - Softpedia
    Oct 31, 2011 . You can use this guide to also add icon themes or fonts, just replace the . Now, click the Ubuntu logo from the Unity panel and search for .

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