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Gardening Tips

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  • Olallie Daylily Gardens - Gardening Tips
    Deer generally don't eat daylilies, unless they're desperate. Sometimes, they will eat the buds, but not the leaves. In fact, there are very few pests that do bother .

    Why grow daylilies?
    Low Maintentance-

    Daylilies and Deer - Plants for Difficult Places Forum - GardenWeb
    . to tell me if deer eat daylillies or not.....need to plant something that will take . Yes, daylilies are in the top of deer preferences (others include .

    Great Value-

    How can I keep deer out of my garden? - Garden Clinic
    It's good to do this before the deer establish their trails in the very early spring. . beaten egg with 1 quart of water and spray onto anything that the deer eat. . Do not use hosta,daylily,any type of mum or shasta daisy,obedient plant,echinacea.

    Habitat Herald Newsletter: Backyard Wildlife Downside
    Anyone who's ever tried eating it can understand why. All the lists tell you deer don't eat daylilies. Mother planted daylilies here and when I came in 1990 I .

    Frequently Asked Questions about Daylilies
    Deer will sometimes eat daylily flower buds. What diseases affect daylilies? Most gardeners with a mix of different plants intermingled in their gardens should .

    If I move my daylilies will they bloom?

    Do Deer Eat Day Lilies? | eHow.com
    Do Deer Eat Day Lilies?. Daylilies are tough, drought-resistant plants that grow well in a variety of conditions. Unfortunately, their tender blooms make a tasty .


    When do I plant?

    Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance: Home, Lawn & Garden
    Realizing that no plant is deer proof, plants in the Rarely Damaged, and Seldom . Success of any of these plants in the landscape will depend on local deer populations and weather conditions. . Daylily, Hemerocallis sp. . 2. May eat buds.

    What do I do if I can't get my bare root plants in the ground right away?

    23mm | What do Deer Eat?
    Jan 29, 2012 . What do Deer Eat? poison ivy whitetail dateline: Tuesday, January 31, 2012. Whitetail deer prefer to eat the following woody and herbaceous .

    Deer Gardening | Missouri Department of Conservation
    Apr 2, 2003 . In March, I found every daylily sprout clipped and every emerging tulip . They know white-tailed deer will eat almost any kind of plant if they're .

    Cooking with Daylilies - Eating the Edible Day Lilies | Hunter Angler ...
    Jun 29, 2010 . You can eat the flowers, flower buds, young stalks and tubers. . While I always knew daylilies were edible, I had no idea they were that good! . We have them all over the place, though the deer will maul them if given a .

    How much sun does a daylily need?

    Daylily Dilemma | Eat The Weeds and other things, too
    While the original daylily is edible — with some qualifications I will get to . or hummingbirds, however, rabbits and white-tailed deer eat tender spring leaves.

    What kind of soil is best for daylilies?

    Dill's Greenhouse - Deer List
    What Plants Do Deer Eat? This list shows plants that deer like, find o.k., and do not like. Please be aware that deer feeding on any plant species may change .

    How deep do they need to be?

    Deer Eating Flowers | ThriftyFun
    Jun 5, 2009 . Deer Eating Flowers. Does anyone have an organic recipe to put on plants to keep deer from eating flowers? Hardiness Zone: 7a .

    Deer will sometimes eat daylily flower buds. Daylily Rust However, a new daylily disease -- a type of rust--has been spreading throughout the county, attacking .

    Do daylilies need to be watered?

    Oh Deer! Please Don't Eat The Daisies… The Daffodils, The ...
    Oh Deer! Please Don't Eat The Daisies… The Daffodils, The Daylilies, The . So, how do you begin a spring-through-summer-season-plan to protect your .

    Dividing Daylilies

    Deer ate lilies and black eyed susans--trim stems? (fertilizer ...
    May 27, 2011 . Aren't deer frustrating? If they ate the buds off of the stems of the Daylilies then those stem will begin browning shortly and appear like they do .

    The easiest way we've found is to dig up the clump, shake off a the soil, lay the clump on its side and gently pry off pieces using a weeding fork as illustrated ada 3 bedroom apartments katy texas.

    We have deer in the wooded area in the rear of our property and never sustain damage to our daylilies. Is there enough for them to eat in the woods? Do they .

    Planning a season of blooms

    My Weeds Are Very Sorry: I've Had It
    Jun 28, 2011 . It is too bad about your daylilies. They are the backbone to many gardens. You will have to find something that deer don't eat. Hmmmm As to .


    Who Ate my Althea? Deer-Resistant Plants for the Midwest
    One morning I awoke to find my newly planted altheas eaten down to small . deer eaten my altheas, but they nibbled on several of my daylilies and one of . A barking dog will turn away the deer intent on making easy cuisine of your gardens.

    Flower shapes

    Deer - Deer Repellent - controlling deer, deer Fencing and Control
    All natural, long lasting Liquid Fence ® Deer & Rabbit Repellent will stop deer and rabbits from eating your flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants, trees and vines.

    Container plantings

    Tips for Deterring Deer
    Feb 29, 2012 . Hungry deer will eat almost anything -- including occasional forays into the . Flowers: Chrysanthemum; clematis; daylily; Geum; hyacinth; rose; .

    Marginal sites

    All About Daylilies - Amador Flower Farm
    Daylilies are relatively "pest-free". They are listed as deer-resistant but in some areas when there is nothing else to eat in the fall, they will eat daylilies. Gophers .

    About Mulching:

    Deer Problem With Daylilies | eHow.com
    While the flowers aren't the favorite item on the deer menu, they're far from the least-liked garden plant among deer. If daylilies are within reach, deer will eat the .

    • Oh Deer! Please Don't Eat The Daisies, The Daffodils, The Daylilies ...
      Jun 5, 2007 . Please Don't Eat The Daisies, The Daffodils, The Daylilies, The . Deer do not have incisor teeth and the damage they do is easily spotted.

    • Deer-Resistant - MSU IPM Program - Michigan State University
      of plants for those that deer prefer to eat. Though no plants are . Whether deer will eat a particular plant species or variety . 'Stella d'Oro' daylily. Lamium .

    • Choosing deer resistant landscape plants
      Deer preference for your landscape plants will vary with several factors, but there are . Herbaceous plants deer generally eat include crocus, dahlias, daylilies, .

    • About Deer
      Double their population every 2-3 years (2 deer can grow to 32 in ten years!). . Deer browse year-round, eating almost 10 pounds a day when food is abundant. . which is why they often attack the daylilies just as they are flowering or when .

    • This Week's Garden: Questions from local ... - Sequim This Week
      Aug 22, 2011 . Q: Will deer eat daylilies? A: Damage from deer is an ever present problem in local gardens and orchards. Planting deer resistant plants is one .

    • GardenPA | Stop Deer From Devouring Your Landscape
      What's more, a typical adult deer eats four to eight pounds of food a day, . there's little else to eat, although deer damage can happen anytime of year. . Nevertheless, most deer seem to have a particular fondness for tulips, hosta, daylilies, .

    Benefits of Hand Weeding

    Deer Resistant Tips
    When the traps remained unsprung and they ate his daylilies anyway, he resorted . so if the alpha deer will or won't eat it, the others will learn from him (or her).

    Daylilies contain a certain number of chromosomes; which will carry it's genetics. A DIPLOID . My neighbor paid over $100.00 for a daylily and the deer ate it.


    Deer Resistant Plants
    type=text I have dozens of daylilies in a rainbow of colors. They are perfect in the sun and are a great deer resistant flower. I know that deer can eat these plants, .


    Reducing Deer DamageRev10-29-09 A
    with the feeding habits of deer in your area. Deer may eat more than 500 different species of plants, but tend to be more selec- tive. Deer will expand their .

    Daylily Heaven - Outpost
    Apr 18, 2012 . What started out as a hobby growing a few daylilies soon became a nice little business, . Not a lot of taste, but if the Deer can eat them…

    Cut flowers

    General Questions About Daylily Care and Culture - Olallie Daylily ...
    How do you keep the deer from eating your flowers? 8 Border Collies. Border Collies at our Daylily Festival. Our four Border Collies have been trained to keep .

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    Deer and Rabbit Organic Control
    If deer are hungry enough, they will eat almost any plant. Deer can also be identified by their tracks or their excrement (scat). Deer hooves are cloven into two .

    Join the American Hemerocallis Society, write to

    How do I keep deer and rabbits from eating my plants? | Westlake ...
    Some flowers that rabbits and deer tend to avoid eating include astilbe, daffodils, marigolds, snapdragons, daylilies, primrose and peonies. Choose a suitable .

    National Home and Garden Club Te - Deer Defeat
    Does the job. Good repellent, terrible scent on clothing. Yvonne Hill. Rainbow City, Al. I have had problems with deer eating my roses, daylilies & hostas.

    Still have a question about daylilies? Ask us about it on our general electric clothes dryer manual or email us directly garmin nuvi 1350 gps maps.

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